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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

This is a 2-week process and is for the best care for you and your NEW tattoo!
  • Use an antibacterial soap to wash the tattoo surrounding skin with cool water 3 times a day for the first 5 days.
  • Use a clean dry paper towel to pat the area dry then apply Aquaphor (or similar product) after each cleaning and anytime you notice it beginning to dry out.
  • After the 5th  day, use CervaVe (or similar product) for the next 7 to 10 days.

  • Pick, peel or scratch at the tattoo
  • Use a sauna, go swimming, or submerge your tattoo in water
  • Tan during the healing process

Avoid direct sunlight.
Refrain from working out for 3 to 5 day to avoid cellulitis
Refrain from allowing your tattoo to come in contact with animal hair or dandruff as it can cause serious infections such as MRSA or Staff.

Absolutely NO Vaseline products

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Piercing Aftercare

Suggested Aftercare Guidelines for Body Piercing Procedures
Obtained from the Suffolk County Dept. of Health Services

Body Piercing, General Aftercare
  • First, wash your hands with soap and water and dry with clean paper towels. No cloth towels!
  • Soak area with sterile saline solution or a liquid anti-microbial cleanser 2-3 times daily. It may be easier to apply using saturated sterile gauze
  • Dry the piercing area with sterile gauze. Do not use cloth towels!
  • You may shower daily, use soap and rinse thoroughly.
  • During healing one might experience some bleeding, localized swelling, tenderness, bruising, discoloration, itching, and secretion of a whitish-yellow fluid (not pus) that will form some crust around the jewelry as the piercing heals.
  • A piercing heals from the outside inward and thus may appear healed before healing is complete. Be patient!
  • Maintain clean, comfortable bedding and clothing
  • Avoid the following:
    • Undue trauma or playing with the piercing
    • The use of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Betadine, Hibiclens or ointments
    • Over-cleaning
    • Oral contact, rough play, contact with other people's body fluids
    • Stress, recreational drug use, excessive caffeine, nicotine and alcohol
    • Submerging the piercing in bodies of water such as lakes, pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, marine water, etc.
    • All beauty and personal care products such as cosmetics, lotions, sprays, etc., on or around the piercing
    • Do not pick at the crusted matter at the piercing site, this is dried lymph fluid secreted by your body to cleanse the piercing. (The crusting should come off during your routine soaking & cleansing period only.)

If one suspects, in any way, that the piercing might be infected, immediately seek medical attention.

Body Piercings - Additional, Specific Aftercare for Particular Areas
a. The Navel
A hard, vented eye patch (sold at pharmacies) can be applied under tight clothing or secured using a length of ace bandage around the body (to avoid irritation). This can protect the navel area from restrictive clothing, excess irritation, friction, and impact during physical activities such as contact sports. Do not routinely use this to cover the piercing and do not use it for extended periods of time, Its use should not inhibit adhering to your normal soaking & cleaning routine
b. Ear, Ear Cartilage and Facial
Use a fresh, clean side of the pillow covering every night. Maintain cleanliness of telephones, headphones/earphones, eyeglasses, helmets, bats and anything else that contacts the pierced areas Use caution when styling your hair and advise your stylist of a new or healing piercing.
c. Nipple
Use of a tight or snug, clean cotton shirt or sports bra may provide additional protection and make the piercing more comfortable, especially for sleeping or reclining.
d. Genital
Comfort and hygiene are vital. Initially, abstinence is strongly recommended Be patient & pursue sexual activity only if you feel ready and comfortable. During healing, all sexual activities must be gentle Prior to sexual activity and to reduce trauma and increase comfort, soak piercing in warm saline solution or plain water to remove any crusty matter. Use clean, disposable barriers such as condoms, dental dams, and Tegaderm to avoid contact with sex toys and partner's bodily fluids, even in long-term relationships Use a new container of water-based lubricant; do not use saliva as a lubricant. After sex, perform an additional soak or cleansing with clean saline solution or water. Some piercings can bleed freely for the first few days. After cleansing a piercing near to or including the urethra area with a mild soap, be sure to urinate.
e. Oral
Use an antibacterial, alcohol free mouth rinse or sterile saline solution for 30 to 60 seconds after eating and at bedtime while your piercing heals. Gently use a new soft-bristled tooth brush after the piercing to avoid irritating or traumatizing the procedure area and/or introducing bacteria into your mouth. For exterior surfaces of check and lip piercings, follow the entire General Aftercare Instructions Eat slowly taking small bites of food placed directly onto the molars. A void eating spicy, salty, acidic, or hot temperature foods or beverages for several days. For tongue piercings, try to keep the tongue level in the mouth while chewing and swallowing. For cheek and lip piercings, avoid opening the mouth too wide as this can result in the jewelry catching on the teeth.

Estimated Healing Periods for Body Piercings
  • Ear lobe – 6 to 8 Weeks
  • Ear cartilage - 4 Months to 1 Year
  • Eyebrow - 6 to 8 Weeks
  • Female genitalia - 4 to 10 Weeks
  • Lip - 2 to 3 Months
  • Male genitalia - 4 Weeks to 6 Months
  • Navel - 4 Months to 1 Year
  • Nipple - up to 6 Months
  • Nostril - 2 to 4 Months
  • Nasal septum – 6 to 8 Months
  • Nasal bridge – 8 to 10 Weeks
  • Tongue - 4 Weeks

These are approximate, average healing times.
 Human bodies are highly individual and healing times can vary greatly. Healing times are not guaranteed and may be complicated by certain medical conditions.


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